By Philip Yatai

The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Kaduna Field Office Staff Association (KDFOSA), on Friday joined the Country Office Staff Association’s webinar, organised to commemorate the 2022 Children’s Day.

May 27 of every year is set aside since 1964 to draw peoples’ attention and bring to the fore awareness on problems faced by children.

The children of UNICEF staff, Kaduna Field Office celebrated with other children physically present in the UN Building Abuja, for the Children Discussion Forum via zoom, with the theme, “I Stand Against Bullying”.

The discussions among the children centred on their perception and perspective about bullying.

The children shared their experiences on various forms of bullying, ranging from verbal, social, sexual, prejudicial, religion, race, ethnicity, and gender, including cyber bullying.

They explained that their parents and teachers taught them to stand against bullying even when they were bullied in the past, weak or afraid.

According to the children, bullying is hurtful and can infringe upon their rights, stressing that bullying also makes victims feel unloved and in the long run, affects schoolwork and learning outcomes.

Mrs Chinwe Ezeife, Nutrition Specialist, explained that UNICEF considered it important to celebrate the children’s day with the children.

This, according to her, will help create the needed awareness on the negative impact and consequences of bullying on children’s physical and mental growth and development.

“The day is also very important to remind people to always involve the children in the decision-making process, particularly on matters that affect them in the environment – at school, home, and other societal gatherings.

“This will be achieved by simply giving children a voice in the matters that affect them most; by listening to them and seeing things from their point of view and perspective.

“Since we couldn’t hold our earlier planned activity with Fifth Chukker, our children joined the online COSA Children’s Day celebration with the Rep. Deputy Rep. – Rushnan Soyemi, and COSA Chair-Margaret Soyemi.”