By Philip Yatai

An 8-year-old resident of Kaduna, Asher Atoyebi, has urged Nigerians to respect the words of the second stanza of the National Anthem to build patriotism needed for nation building.

Atoyebi, while reacting to the 62nd Nigeria’s independence celebration in Kaduna on Sunday, complained that nothing was going right for Nigeria like it used to.

The second stanza of Nigeria’s National Anthem reads: “Oh God of creation, direct our noble course. Guide our leaders right.

“Help our youth the truth to know. In love and honesty to grow and living just and true.

“Great lofty heights attain. To build a nation where peace and justice reign”.

The little lad said that Nigerians do not sing the second stanza of the National Anthem again because they do not know its importance to nation building and patriotism.

“If we listen and do what the second stanza of the anthem says and believed, and abide the words, God will hear our cries and make things right again,” the little boy said.

He, therefore, urged citizens to do something for Nigeria to make it great again, lamenting that the country does not have lots of love nor honesty.

“We are also not just or true. Our leaders are no longer good, and we no longer believe in God to guide us as we used to.

“We need the children of Nigeria to know the truth; we need to achieve great goals and to do that, we need to bring peace and justice to our dear country,” the little boy said.